Principal's Message

Welcome to Ramgarhia Girls' Senior Secondary School.

Dear Parents,

It is our commitment that every Ramgarhia's girl is provided with the educational environment needed to achieve personal excellence, inside and outside the classroom. Staff have high expectations for students, from the minute they enter the school. It's a place where choice and challenge abound.

We believe in continuous strives to uphold the traditional values while adopting contemporary infrastructure and pedagogies. Students having diverse backgrounds, carrying unique streaks of values, traditions and cultures enter the doorways of a learning community. An unrelenting effort goes in mentoring and metamorphosing the uncut diamonds into finer gems.

Ramgarhia Girls Senior Secondary School is divided into four levels of education, providing senior student leaders with the greatest exposure to juniors, in a variety of leadership roles. This means school values and expectations are effectively modelled by staff and students. High standards of personal presentation and conduct, as well as a willingness to fully participate in school life, is an expectation of every member of the school community. 

Our first priority for every student is academic success. Recent academic results placed girls amongst the best in the state. Moreover, Ramgarhia Staff are continually developing their skills in order to provide the highest quality education possible. 

A wide range of sporting and cultural opportunities are available at Ramgarhia Girls Senior Secondary School. Through this site you will discover what our girls have achieved both in studies and extracurricular activities including sports.

The school is ever conscious that we must strive for greater heights in our endeavor to equip the students of Ramgarhia Girls to meet the challenges of present day life. Together, let us provide the best learning opportunities for our girls, so that they not only learn to know, but also learn to analyse and appreciate their surroundings, their society, their nation and the world we live in.

Manpreet Kaur Bhogal