Principal's Message

                                                                       Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

There are many aspects to life and the most important is Education & Discipline.The superiority of man depends on his memory and rationality.Education helps a child to draw out his faculties  which need to be disciplined in due course of time by means of education received from his childhood.

After the first instruction in the form of kisses,huggings,chidings,spankings and others a child at regular intervals receives guidance and instructions in school,college and university.

The distinction between real and imaginary,survival and existence,discipline and enjoyment should be well noted.

The attitude of ‘The more you do The more you get.the more you sin The more fret‘ is well learnt in an institution.

In this above context our major aim lies in making a child learn to accommodate his egocentric   personality  to the demands of the society, to help him to be ruthlessly honest, to grow up into a healthy social being. We try and cooperate, guide, support and inculcate the quality of a good citizen among the learned.

Ramgarhia Middle School, Nangal Majja