Our Mission

  • To impart a complete education developing all aspects of a child's personality be it physical or intellectual, social or spiritual.
  • The school aims to develop the sensibilities of the students through friendship, fondness, love and concern for others.
  • It takes special care about the well being of the students by keeping them healthy, happy and contented.
  • We strive to give our pupils sound values and morals so they can shape their lives on good principles.
  • Recognizing the importance of education we hone the academic skills of our students to ensure a successful life and career for them.
  • The youngsters of the present will be the leaders of the future. Keeping that in mind we try to develop leadership in them through a sense of respect and a sense of power, honor, influence, authority and taking a part in things that directly affect them. 
  • The school strives to develop the character and individuality of the students through a well balanced combination of general education and co-curricular activities.
  • Emphasis on divinity is a special feature of the school. Value education is imparted through media of teachers.