G.N.B.L College has got various clubs and activities grouped under the Cultural Assocoation. The college provides best opportunities for the development of student’s personality & talent. Sports club, N.S.S. and Planning Forum prepare students for various competitions in sports and cultural activities to be held at inter college university level.

We aims :

To organise Competitions to identify and encourage the potentials.

To organise Training/Demos/Exhibitions to hone the skills of students.

To sponsor students for Inter-college cultural events to enable them to prove their mettle.

To organise separate Inter-school cultural competitions for rural and urban students.

Contucting Competitions to identify the potentials and to hone the skills of students.

Organising Coaching classes, Workshops, and Demos to train students.

Sponsoring students for inter-college cultural festivals to enable the students to prove their mettle.

General Activities Headed by the skilled teachers, it oversees the general activities of the college including organization of events of almost importance, students welfare activities and also supervises the activities of all other committees. The important functions like national festivals, annual college day, graduation day held under this.  Annual college day which organises fresher's party, farewell party , cultural events, distribute prizes for winners of various events of various events in sports, academics  – intercollge fest. Cultural Activities Annual fest one of the biggest college festivals in G.N.B.L, which show cases some of the most talented young minds of the college who bring to it a passion for excellence and an attitude through a plethora of events including literary and arts, cultural. Sports Activities  This college organizes various intra college football, cricket, athletic, volley ball and many other indoor games etc .This is intra- college sports fest which brings in all the organs take arms, legs, joints and most impartally brains to converge to play the games in a competitive way.     Then after “Annual Sports Day” is held to felicitate all those who have survived though the competitions and won the places in various games. Personlity Development Classes We organise PDP classes for the enhancement of skills . These sessions are taken  by the expert professionals througt out the year and at the end of session a competition is held and students are given certificates & prizes.