Infrastructure Highlights


 The College has one of the largest campuses among the Colleges of Education in Punjab. The approach   to  the college is very comfortable .The College has all the infrastructure facilities.

·             Library: The library is fully computerized. OPAC software has been installed to make it fully automatized for easy accessibility of the books, journals and periodicals etc. The facility of scanning and printing is also provided in the college library. The library remains open for six days a week. It remains closed only on gazetted holidays during the whole academic year. Working hours of the library are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. The library remains open during Practice Teaching and examinations too. The institution has a qualified librarian. There is sufficient technical staff to look after the library, which includes one librarian, a library restorer and a library attendant. Moreover, the institution has a book bank facility. It is for those students who cannot afford to buy books.

         Laboratories: The College has paid special attention to the development of Science resource room,  Language Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Education Technology Laboratory and Education Psychology and Mathematics Resource Room. All the laboratories are equipped with suitable furniture, equipments, tests and resources for experimental works. Education Psychology laboratory is well maintained according to requirements of the syllabus. Education Technology Laboratory provides all the latest hi-tech teaching aids which are useful in developing technological and progressive outlook among student teachers. Computer Laboratory with facility of internet enables the students as well as teachers to search for new developments in different aspects of education. Science Laboratory has all the necessary equipments that allow the students to conduct experiments. Language Laboratory works towards  enhancing the students Communication skills which are essential components of impressive personality.

         Excursions: The College provides an opportunity to the students to learn through field trips and excursions. An educational tour is organized every year for the students.