Founders of REC


Founder President REC

The founder president and the creator of Ramgarhia Educational Institutions, Late S. Mohan Singh Hadiabadi can be described as the solar center round whom all the Institutions-Planets revolved. The success of Ramgarhia Educational system depended upon his princely donations, his sagacity, fertile imagination, originally & long experience. His personality casts a strong imprint on the Ramgarhia Educational Institutions & reflects and proclaims the professional character of a great administrator. The Ramgarhia Educational Institutions are aptly called the continuing lengthened image of Late S. Mohan Singh Hadiabadi. He combined genius and social intelligence with inspiring leadership qualities to administer the whole Ramgarhia Educational complex efficiently and was to be as nearly omnipotent, omniscient and ubiquitous as it was permitted to any archangel.

Karamyogi & Ex President REC

The President and real maker of Ramgarhia Educational Institutions, Late S. Mela Singh Bhogal as a dedicated soul, devoted to education & service to the mankind, belonged to a higher order of human race. His self-less sacrifices, seriousness of duty and purpose, matured mind and humanitarianism made him the pivot of Ramgarhia Educational Institutions. It his inner spiritual wealth that will radiate and enlighten the Ramgarhia Educational Institutions atmosphere. His goal was to be a Karamyogi and a person of steadfast wisdom to transform education, to endeavor to relate it to the life, needs and aspirations of the people and thereby make it a powerful instrument of social, economic and cultural retransformation, necessary for the realization of our national goals.

Ex President REC

Our Ex President S. Pritam Singh Bhogal, blessed with superior mental ability characterized by sound judgment, deep intuition, logical reasoning and executive and organizing ability, had been piloting Ramgarhia Educational Institutions since 1977. He was always looked for guidance, counsel & inspiration. To be able to understand and handle educational situations, to inspire the staff with words of wisdom, to enjoy high esteem and reputation and to maintain interest and leadership in academic sphere, he possessed a great magnitude of emotional stability and general scholarship. He had broad-based administrative-management training in the wide field of education from his father Late President S. Mela Singh Bhogal. He was abreast with modern movements in education. With his progressive outlook he was bold enough to put into practice the ideas which after mature consideration he believed, will result in improving the life of Ramgarhia Educational Institutions.