Hostel Facility

Hostel Accommodation: A separate hostel for boys and girls is provided. The hostel has a capacity to accommodate 400 boys and 300 girls. The spacious mess with a dining hall and kitchen to ensure hassle free eating to the students.The rooms are well ventilated and furnished with basic requirements. There is a provision of warden room, common room with T.V and sufficient number of clean washrooms with facility of geysers.

Girls Hostel: Girls hostel has 100 rooms. Each room has the capacity to accommodate 3 students. Each student is provided with separate bed, table, chair and cupboard.

Boys Hostel: Boys hostel has 100 rooms. Each room has the capacity to accommodate 4 students. Each student is provided with separate bed, table, chair and cupboard

Study Hours    Morning : 09:00 am to 05:00 pm

Hostel Mess: The Hostel Mess runs under the supervision of the Management through a private contractor under the guidance of the Management and the Administrative officer. Pure vegetarian food is served at the hostel. The Mess charges are collected on an annual basis at the time of admission. Parents and guests are allowed to take food on payment basis.

Hostel Rules

  1. A hostelite will have to stay in the room allotted to him/her with two or more inmates.
  2. Inmates of each room are jointly and independently responsible for the furniture, fittings, etc. Any damage to the hostel property is recoverable from them.
  3. Guests or outsiders are strictly prohibited from entering the hostel premises without prior permission of the warden.
  4. Once a student reserves his /her seat and pays the fees for hostel accommodation, he/she will not be eligible for refund, if he/she chooses not to stay in the hostel.
  5. Students may be expelled from the hostel for violation of rules and misconduct such as theft, ragging, abnormal behavior, use of drugs and alcohol, indiscipline, non-payment of fees, etc.
  6. A student expelled on disciplinary grounds shall forfeit his/her fees and deposit.
  7. The management reserves the right to refuse any applicant admission to the hostel. In matters of admission and discipline, the decision of the management shall be final and binding.

The hostel facilities help students feel at home and enable them to pursue their studies in a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. The hostels are provided with dining halls, reading halls, round the clock STD, Internet connection, indoor recreation and television. The Hostels have provisions for pure and clean drinking water. The hostel has generator for power back-up that gives uninterrupted power supply to students which is necessary for

their study, stay and comfort. The hostel is fully Wi-Fi enabled.

Annual fee of Rs. 22,000/- Per annum (excluding Mess Charges)