College has spacious library for students and staff to access books for all subjects. The college has a large collection of books relating to various branches of Engineering and Computer Science, Health Sciences and English Language. It contains large number of titles, volumes and national print journals. Excellent reading hall that has reference books, hand books, dictionaries and encyclopedias. There is also a facility for students and staff to go through previous question papers made available in the Library whenever required. The Library subscribes to various national and international e-journals/periodicals for the use of both staff and students.

       In keeping with the Vision and Mission of the Institute, the RIET library and information centre play a vital role in supporting, teaching and learning activities and provide the main source for individual research at RIET. The library system normally consists of a ‘central library’ and ‘branch or department libraries’. The large campus environment often defines the use of the library in terms of the strength and size of the text and research collection. The central library supports the general information requirements of the users whereas the department libraries cater to the specific subject needs of the users, both for study and research. Library is meant to help Scientific Works, academic community faculty to keep abreast with the latest development in their area of activities and to provide information support for research and consultancy.  At the same time for the Scientists, Researchers and students, library is a source to get information support for their course curriculum as well as for their self-development.  The library is an automated open access library system, which is kept open all year round except public holidays. The library staff aims to provide excellent services to the faculty, researchers, research associates, students and visitors. A library committee supervises it. 


To become a premier learning resource centre to offer comprehensive services related to dissemination of knowledge through user friendly approach towards students and faculty


* To disseminate technical knowledge

* To meet the requirement of academic needs of students and faculty

* To support and facilitate research, learning and teaching activities of the institution

Library Timings:

The library works an all working days from 9Am to 5Pm.  Books transactions will be done from 10Am to 4.00Pm on all working days.