Personality Development Programme

Personality Development Center

In today’s competitive world, an educational institute is not only responsible for providing the education of highest standards, it is also responsible for ensuring employment for its graduates. In order to fully prepare Ramgarhia graduates for their careers, it has launched initiatives such as the Personality Development Program, Industry Interactions, Guest Faculty from Industry forums, and the Language Lab. The main objective is to ensure that our students have the personality, exposure, skills, and self-confidence to take on the most urgent challenges and assignments starting from day one of their employment.

Academic Excellence + Inspiring Personality = Rewarding Career

The Personality Development Center is oriented towards developing students into exceptional communicators, negotiators and eventually leaders. Irrespective of the industry chosen for work, the basic skills required to do the job in a professional environment stay the same, that’s why it is important for students to learn, excel and hone communication and leadership skills. With a large pool of applicants with the same degrees, companies are looking for ways to differentiate “employable graduates” from “work in progress students”. The biggest factor in this differentiation is the personality of the applicant, which in turn determines your capability to contribute from day one.

The main goal of the personality development center is to provide students with a cohesive and integrated Personality Development Program which includes:

·         Improves communication and leadership skills of the students.

·         Complements the academic program and the student's long-term career objectives.

·         Is innovative and of the highest quality possible.

·         Is diverse and flexible enough to meet the changing needs of the marketplace.

·         Is successful and continuously monitored for improvements. 

Personality Development and Communication Skills is compulsory for the students and staff. It is wholly financed out of College funds. MOU has also been signed with the Alpha Global Enterprises, Phagwara for communication skills and personality development classes.