Student Welfare Activities

Student Welfare Cell:- For the all-round development of students welfare cell are running under the guidance of Ramgarhia Educational Council. Every year class representatives are chosen by this cell from each class on merit as well as election basis. Besides this, the problems of students are listened and solved through Tutorial groups and seminars on social topics. The college also provides the facility of weak class for the students who are weak in English and Computers.

Tutorial Sytem: Tutorials give students an opportunity to practice their analytical thinking and problem solving ability. It gives them an opportunity to learn from other students and it also develops group living skills. A close contact between a teacher and taught is also established. Each student is allotted a tutorial group at the time of admission. About 15-20 students are kept in one tutorial group.

Student Aid Fund: A financial assistance is given to the needy students, Programme to meet their tuition or examination fee and other expenses related to studies from Students aid fund established in the college.

Book Bank:  Books are made available to the deserving students on loan for studies from Book Bank opened in the College Library. The needy students may apply for the same on prescribed from, available from college library.

Guidance Bureau: Information and guidance bureau has been started with the objective, to assist the students in choice of courses &careers keeping in view the employment trends on one hand & the interest of the students on the other hand. To keep students informed about consequences of their choices and available job avenues after completion of their course.
College Magazines: College Magazine of the respective colleges is published annually under an editorial board consisting of members of staff and students who have a flair for writing. The magazine is divided into many sections like Science Section, languages section, social science section, computer and commerce section etc. so that students can express their feelings though writings in any field of their choice.

National Service Scheme: The National Service scheme (NSS) provides the students with Scheme (NSS) opportunities to devote their leisure in the service of the nation and develops in them sense of participation in the reconstruction of the country, exists in the college for both boys and girls. NSS organizes one camp annually in some backward village. Students may contact programme officer membership.

National Cadet Corps: The colleges are known for the emphasis it lays on N.C.C. training. One (N.C.C.) company of N.C.C. (Infantry) exists in the college. Both girls and boys can join this company. They will be required to attend 80% of parades and one camp for becoming eligible for B. Certificate test. For C Certificate cadets are required to attend two camps.

Basic Amenities: All modern amenities are provided to make it students friendly campus like clean water, comfortable furniture, spacious class rooms with proper electricity facility, modern computer labs with internet connection and latest software transportation facility telephone facility. Newspapers and periodicals are also made available in the college library to make students well-read and well awarded. Besides fee-concession, scholarship is also provided to brilliant and deserving students by College Management with the help of N.R.I. fund and various trusties.